Sofi Ananikov

Sofi Ananikov
- Həkim mama-ginekoloq
- ქართული - რუსული - ინგლისური
- Bazar ertəsi - Cümə

597 00 44 22

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Obstetrician-gynecologist Sophie Ananikov has been with the ,,Beauty Medi" team since the opening of the clinic.

His professional experience is seventeen years.

Sopho Ananikov, educated abroad, including in St. Petersburg, Turkey, is recognized in the field of obstetrics and gynecology.

You will receive the following types of services in ,,Beauty Medi":

Consultation with a gynecologist;
Diagnosis of inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs, outpatient treatment;
IUD insertion / removal;
PAP test;
Bacterioscopic, bacteriological examination of the vaginal smear;
Gynecological ultrasonographic examination.

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