Permanent same contour makeup is a type of tattoo that allows us to look unparalleled at any time. With the help of permanent make-up it is possible to change the color and shape of the lips, eyebrows, eyelids, to correct the asymmetry, to cover the defects on the affected areas. The procedure is performed with a special device, using disposable tools, then the pigment reaches the upper layer of the skin. The selection of the pigment is done in agreement with the patient, individually according to skin type and hair color. The procedure is completely painless, with local anesthesia. It can not be used for various skin diseases, blood diseases, as well as during pregnancy and lactation. Permanent make-up can give the look more expression, highlight the flaws to cover up the flaw or correct it, the procedure at the beginning of the manipulation is slightly bloody, the contraindications are rare. To prevent an allergic reaction, a skin test is performed, but practice shows. That allergy does not develop because the dye does not contain allergens. Before a permanent make-up, a standard face can be sympathetic, but unobtrusive without the optical accents that make it unique. Manipulation allows the face to become attractive and better show your charm and charm.